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1976 Datsun Pickup - beebani

"Gray Goose"

1976 Datsun Pickup 1
Owner:   beebani
Year: 1976
Make: Datsun
Model: Pickup
Est.Horsepower: 160
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Comments: 8 Comments
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Suspension: 4-link and bags in rear, 1985 720 ball joint w/bags in front
Paint/Body: primer
Interior/Electronics: shaved/glassed dash, '95 dodge neon seats
Wheels/Tires: 225/50-16's sittin' on '03 xterra rims
Engine: ka24e out of an '89 240sx

About my Pickup

I scored this truck for free about 2 years ago, and instantly started modifying it. Did a complete frame-up customization of the suspension.  Triangulated 4-link in the rear with a huge notch.  1985 720 front suspension with custom upper and lower control arms.  Disk brakes all the way around.  Currently just dropped a ka24e engine in the truck from a 240sx.  The truck lays frame with 2600lb. bags front and rear and 8) 1/2" gold valves.  I'm running a 300lb. nitrogen tank in the back.  Future plans are to shave everything and clean the truck up inside and out.

Comments On beebani's Pickup

draggindad | Enthusiast
Posts: 667 | Joined 10/27/08
Posted: 04/06/10 06:24 PM

Nice truck man looks sick!! Cool
snack pack
snack pack | New User
Posts: 14 | Joined 08/08/09
Posted: 03/31/10 06:05 PM

that is nice man i love the older datsuns Laugh  . the ka24 makes it even better keep it flat and laid out definitely a head turner check out my ford courier
Posts: 0 | Joined 10/28/09
Posted: 10/28/09 11:44 AM

Totally Awesome. ton of work and money
badazz7980 | New User
Posts: 38 | Joined 06/12/08
Posted: 10/05/08 04:00 PM

nice work and truck  Smile
Bondal | User
Posts: 209 | Joined 07/30/08
Posted: 07/30/08 02:42 PM

NIce! REminds me of a 76 King CAb I had in the 80's (Rear window & side lights shaved, lowered, rims, tires, 115mph on a 2.0 with SUs header & a Slalom cam 2.5" exiting pipe; REALLY miss that truck!). Try adding 1.5" of curved metal to the bed to continue the curve "bullit" from the door & cab all around the bed.  Use a [straight] radiaotor hose to sand the plastic. Bondal '91 Toy XtraCab, ASE Cert autobody & paint, ret. Peace.
superdroped | User
Posts: 50 | Joined 12/15/07
Posted: 12/18/07 08:36 PM

very nice work on the frame its cool that its droped and thats its a long bed
LongRoof | New User
Posts: 28 | Joined 07/15/07
Posted: 07/15/07 11:57 PM

I dig the old minis!
5569 | Administrator
Posts: 7613 | Joined 08/10/06
Posted: 07/02/07 03:55 PM

love this truck!

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