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2006 Nissan Frontier - lowmaz

2006 Nissan Frontier 1
Owner:   lowmaz
Year: 2006
Make: Nissan
Model: Frontier
Est.Horsepower: 178
Page Views: 11115
Comments: 12 Comments
Ratings: 4 votes   Login to rate
Suspension: Bagged in the front now. Start work on the rear soon!
Paint/Body: Stock Red Brawn
Wheels/Tires: 20" Incubus Blunts w/ Nankang 245/35/20 Tires
Engine: 2.5L 4Cyl

About my Frontier

Got the front bagged Oct 08. Start work on the rear soon. Plan to have it ready for show season 09!

Comments On lowmaz's Frontier

jimbothepunk | New User
Posts: 10 | Joined 06/12/09
Posted: 08/04/09 12:18 AM

kluc | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 07/10/09
Posted: 07/10/09 06:15 PM

hey man, truck sits nice, also like the blunts. i have a 09. thinking of doing a axle flip. do you know how low torsion bars will allow front to drop?
scrapin_pavement01 | New User
Posts: 5 | Joined 12/20/08
Posted: 01/21/09 03:37 PM

Nice truck man. I just got an 07 frontier and I want to have it dropped but I'm new to Frontiers. You have any ideas where how I should drop the front?? Confused
EasyE3 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 01/08/09
Posted: 01/08/09 01:57 PM

hey man nice truck, i have an 07 tha i got custom shop to drop on 22s. it not as low as yours cuz my rims wont tuck but i wanna know how rough does it ride. mine rides rough as you know wut. any ideas? Confused
mhinojos37 | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 10/05/08
Posted: 10/08/08 05:19 PM

Love how low your got your truck love to get mine that low.Dropped mine 2in. in the front and 4in. in the back but I wanna go lower.I've been trying to upload some pics.of it for a few days but it keeps saying I have zero photos any ideas what I may be doing wrong
deez_nutz | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 06/29/08
Posted: 06/29/08 11:36 PM

yo wut up man i frum the HI state jus wnated to know what kit you used or what did you do to drop your truck i really want to drop my 07 frontier with out baggen it daily driver. if you could please let me know thanx man, tight ride though.....
MNF1381 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 06/23/08
Posted: 06/23/08 01:27 AM

this is a sweet set up i have been looking for a kit to lower my 2006 nissan frontier kc could you e-mail me at and tell me where you got this kit or what i need to buy to do something similar like this to my truck
SWEETness | Enthusiast
Posts: 396 | Joined 09/19/07
Posted: 06/05/08 12:04 PM

Hey man, the 20's look sssswwweeeeeettttt!!!!  Thinkin' of puttin 18's or 20's on mine, good luck with baggin it! Grin
Tw33ts | New User
Posts: 7 | Joined 05/27/08
Posted: 05/27/08 05:02 PM

This is truly bad azz Cool . When I thought lowering your ride has gone out the window I run across a picture of a new ride dropped this makes me proud!
shyguy2007 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 01/30/08
Posted: 01/30/08 03:51 PM

How did you lower the front? I have a 07 and I want to slam it. It's a daily driver, so I dont want to bag it or cut the springs.
lowmaz | New User
Posts: 12 | Joined 10/19/07
Posted: 11/16/07 02:02 PM

I made my own flip kit bro. I plan to bag the truck in Jan or Feb. Good luck with yours. If you would like to for me to make you a flip kit for yours just hit me up.
mauistyle | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 11/08/07
Posted: 11/08/07 03:49 AM

wassup bra.i got a 2006 frontier cc and i want to know how did you drop the rear that low?did you use a c notch and a flip kit or did you take out 2 leaf springs. i took out 1 and it dropped the rear 2 and a half iches.any help would be greatly appreciated.your truck is the best looking 1 yet without a doubt.i plan on dropping the front as soon as i can find out if i can lower the rear more.for now it looks level.mahalo bra.oh yah i got 22's wrapped in 40 series with spinners.

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