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1989 Chevrolet S10 - 89chevyguy


About my S10

I've had this truck for about 5 months and have gotten it to being fully bagged. Its daily driven. My second project truck. Its workin out for me though

Comments On 89chevyguy's S10

keepitslammed302 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 07/27/08
Posted: 07/27/08 10:31 PM

Im sure you hear it everyday but damn, thats a beatiful truck. What wheels do you have on there? What'd you pay for em?
rodneyk696 | New User
Posts: 19 | Joined 01/08/08
Posted: 02/07/08 09:39 PM

sweet truck man!! love the primer! check mine out when ya get a chance!! i rated yours as well.
5569 | Administrator
Posts: 7613 | Joined 08/10/06
Posted: 02/01/08 09:52 AM

what kind of suspension "stuff" are you runnin?
SWEETness | Enthusiast
Posts: 396 | Joined 09/19/07
Posted: 01/29/08 04:52 PM

Hey, I'm really diggin the truck!  One question though, WHERE did you get those spokes?  I really like those wheels and think they'd look good on mine!  Keep it low, and thanx for the help! Grin

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