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1980 Chevrolet LUV Pickup - AirRideLuvtruck


About my LUV Pickup

This was supposed to just be a simple bag job but I ended up having to replace the body. So Im pretty much restoring the truck at the same time. Should be driving by next year hopefully.

Comments On AirRideLuvtruck's LUV Pickup

djdonsterd | New User
Posts: 17 | Joined 08/28/07
Posted: 01/02/09 10:18 PM

No see long time. How's it going. I am getting ready to body drop, just have some issues on the front.
s10Veteran | User
Posts: 150 | Joined 09/02/08
Posted: 10/22/08 10:07 AM

What can I say I "Luv",old skool. Sic man sic!       Sam B                          Elyria,Ohio Shocked
5569 | Administrator
Posts: 7613 | Joined 08/10/06
Posted: 08/25/08 02:45 PM

hahah the first time I read it through I thought you said by next WEEK, I was like whoa, you've got some work to do  Wink
keep up the good work!
Luvmachine | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 08/23/08
Posted: 08/23/08 04:49 PM

Very Nice Smirk

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