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2003 Ford Ranger - red_ranger03

2003 Ford Ranger 1
Owner:   red_ranger03
Year: 2003
Make: Ford
Model: Ranger
Est.Horsepower: 0
Page Views: 4064
Comments: 7 Comments
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Suspension: lowered 2" in the rear
Paint/Body: red stock paint, molded rollpan, shaved tailgate, sport mirrors, all emblems shaved
Interior/Electronics: interior and under hood plastic pieces painted, in dash lanzar dvd player, 2 12" kicker L7's and a kicker zx850.4 amp,
Wheels/Tires: 22" Arelli F16
Engine: 3.0 v6 w/K&N intake and flowmaster 40 exhaust

About my Ranger

2003 red Ford Ranger edge got a molded rollpan, euro taillights, clear corner lenses, polished alumnium billet grille, 2.5% tint, 22s, painted interior, dvd player, 2 12" kicker L7's and a kicker 850 watt amp, red led underglow.

Comments On red_ranger03's Ranger

OutOfRange | New User
Posts: 12 | Joined 10/01/08
Posted: 10/03/08 08:05 PM

Looks good man. those 22s look HUGE on the ranger. Ill be riding on 22s soon too.
Bondal | User
Posts: 209 | Joined 07/30/08
Posted: 09/09/08 03:33 PM

Nice "DAnger RAnger" in & out, as same name only older on this site
""! Any plans on lowering? 2-3" may be the practical & cost-effective way[?] unless you got the $ & time to bagg it? Drive it & enjoy it! Peace.  Smirk
affy6043 | New User
Posts: 9 | Joined 09/05/08
Posted: 09/06/08 12:07 PM

wow! nice
5569 | Administrator
Posts: 7613 | Joined 08/10/06
Posted: 09/03/08 12:33 PM

22s on a ranger, lookin' good!
LayedRanger_22s | New User
Posts: 4 | Joined 07/10/08
Posted: 09/03/08 12:09 AM

Very nice!! I like it alot. Keep going..
scott_sanders2004 | New User
Posts: 38 | Joined 08/13/08
Posted: 08/31/08 01:20 AM

not a ford man but always like seein a red ride. lookin good.
burnzya | Moderator
Posts: 1332 | Joined 10/29/07
Posted: 08/30/08 09:04 PM

what else do you have planned for the ranger? lookin good, check out my yota.

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