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1979 Ford Courier - 19courier80

"Ol' Blue"

1979 Ford Courier Front High Enough To Turn Rear
Owner:   19courier80
Year: 1979
Make: Ford
Model: Courier
Est.Horsepower: 77
Page Views: 7400
Comments: 8 Comments
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Suspension: Air Bags
Paint/Body: faded blue with patina'd door logos
Interior/Electronics: Pioneer Cd and speakers
Wheels/Tires: stock 14's with white walls
Engine: 2.3L 4 cylinder

About my Courier

-Daily driven '79 Ford Courier--
-54,000 original miles--
-2.3L 4 cyl. w/ automatic transmission
Shaved door handles, gas door, mirrors, emblems, roll pan, raised bed floor--
-5 gallon aluminum tank (8) SMC 3/8" Valves, check valves on all corners, (2) Viair 380's, SD super pivot 4 link, all Airlift dominator bags, hydro lines,AVS 9 switch--

More to come! look for it next year throughout the midwest!

Comments On 19courier80's Courier

Sn0man | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 11/07/11
Posted: 11/07/11 09:32 AM

I own this now!!
Glad i found this page on it.
19courier80, shoot me a PM if you ever get on here anymore, just wanna ask a few questions about the truck.
snack pack
snack pack | New User
Posts: 14 | Joined 08/08/09
Posted: 04/05/10 07:21 PM

that is one of the nicest i have seen in awhile i have owned several over the years currently building yet another one and yours has inspired me keep it up
luke78 | New User
Posts: 16 | Joined 02/05/09
Posted: 03/01/09 09:55 PM

nice truck Im building an 81
s10Veteran | User
Posts: 150 | Joined 09/02/08
Posted: 03/01/09 06:35 PM

That LiL' rascal is sic!!! Old skool just can't be beat.I hope you'll continue to upgrade from here.      Laugh  Shocked
5569 | Administrator
Posts: 7613 | Joined 08/10/06
Posted: 12/19/08 10:50 AM

this is way sweet. only 54k miles?  Shocked that's just beautiful. take good care of it.  Laugh
layedout03 | New User
Posts: 13 | Joined 10/23/08
Posted: 12/15/08 09:48 AM

sweet truck keep on buildin those vintage minis.
draggindad | Enthusiast
Posts: 667 | Joined 10/27/08
Posted: 12/14/08 10:00 PM

Hey bro, very nice!When are you gonna lay it out flat?Whats next? L8R Cool
burnzya | Moderator
Posts: 1332 | Joined 10/29/07
Posted: 12/13/08 03:29 PM

man thats a sweet courier, and with only 54,000 miles! check out my yota when you get a chance.

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