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1974 Ford Courier - BsCourier


1974 Ford Courier 1
Owner:   BsCourier
Year: 1974
Make: Ford
Model: Courier
Est.Horsepower: 0
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Suspension: Re 6s, shocks all the way around, custom 4 link with 1/2 valves. Mitsubishi Front Clip Narrowed 4 1/4in, narrowed Reareend
Paint/Body: Shaved Door handles, Side Lights, Drip Rails, Custom Front Grill 21/2 in body drop, 4in Chop, Shortened the bed shaved bedrail
Interior/Electronics: Painless Wireing 12 Circuit Harness, Custom Interior, Cut Through 2 10s.
Wheels/Tires: Havent Decided
Engine: Rebuilt 2.0L Headers/Weber..

About my Courier

21 yrs old, I didnt finish highschool because they wouldnt teach me how to air bag a truck they tried to tell me its a waste of time and stupid. I heard it from teachers and alot of family members. I didnt go to college to fabricate or design, I stuck to my guns and kept on truckin. From the mechanical knowledge i went to work for acouple different shops where i learned alot and gained experience. I went back and fourth between vehicles but always ended up coming back to a mini. I traded my lifted 77 Dodge RamCharger 440 for this little green air bagged ford courier, again with the "why did you do that, stupid, waste of money and time". STill Truckin. My older brother and I put money aside for a couple years opened a shop and started to fill it full of tools. Now the little green bagged ford courier is all ReinTruckNat'D Its now 43"in from the ground to the top of the roof, 21/2in body drop 4 in chop top, shortened the bed a total of 8in 6 in front of the wheel opening 2in behind the wheel opening, shaved the top bed rail, narrowed front mistubishi front clip, custom rear frame rails (3x2 box tubing .188 wall) crossmember, custom 4 link. Built the truck to drive on a daily basis, as low as possible with full turning capabilitys, with just a 1in of ground clearance i have full steering capabilitys with no rubbing. I aiming to drive it down to Visalia Ca to Danger Zone 2011.

Comments On BsCourier's Courier

mini_mazdin | Enthusiast
Posts: 722 | Joined 10/31/07
Posted: 03/30/11 07:32 PM

wow dude!!! keep it up and keep us posted!!! Laugh
5569 | Administrator
Posts: 7613 | Joined 08/10/06
Posted: 02/15/11 03:18 PM

keep up the good work man!
snack pack
snack pack | New User
Posts: 14 | Joined 08/08/09
Posted: 01/16/11 03:58 PM

great work and let the haters talk they hate on stuff well because they didnt think of it good work and keep on keepin on man
5569 | Administrator
Posts: 7613 | Joined 08/10/06
Posted: 07/16/10 04:35 PM

neat, keep the pictures coming!

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