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2002 Chevrolet S10 - staticj13


2002 Chevrolet S10 1
Owner:   staticj13
Year: 2002
Make: Chevrolet
Model: S10
Est.Horsepower: 0
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Suspension: Air ride
Paint/Body: Black/silver
Interior/Electronics: Alpine sound system, motorized tv rack in bed, motorized sliding license plate and many more custom audio installed equipment.
Wheels/Tires: Leaning lss-10
Engine: 4.3

About my S10

My truck has been an ongoing project for over three years. I'm constantly changing and upgrading stuff on it. I have ten tvs total n my truck. One in the Chevy grille emblem, brake pedal, gas pedal, ash tray, dash, three in a motorized rack that rises from behind a false wall, one in the gas tank door and one behind a motorized sliding license plate bracket in the tailgate. The truck is bagged on lexani lss-10's. It has a full custom alpine stereo system. The interior is partially custom as well as the bed. The engine has some hydro dipped parts and is very clean. As we speak I am adding a few more additions to the truck so check back to what crazy stuff that we can come up with. Thanks for looking.

Comments On staticj13's S10

slammed2001 | User
Posts: 127 | Joined 08/26/10
Posted: 10/19/11 06:25 PM

Wink hell yeah !!!!..nice dime but Wink  let us know how it got their!!! Wink

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