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2002 Ford Ranger - Mikedag602

"Dragon Slayer"

2002 Ford Ranger 1
Owner:   Mikedag602
Year: 2002
Make: Ford
Model: Ranger
Est.Horsepower: 140
Page Views: 987
Comments: 4 Comments
Ratings: 2 votes   Login to rate
Suspension: parallel 4-link, bags on rear,..chassis tech bags on front. 1 viair 460 compressor,..5 gallon tank..1/2" line
Paint/Body: stock paint,..stock body for now.
Interior/Electronics: some painted interior pieces such as gauge cluster,..door handle housings, of dash,..and console around the shifter.
Wheels/Tires: 17x4.5 tuner style wheels,..repainted white to match the truck.
Engine: 2.3L 4cylinder..DOHC 5 speed

About my Ranger

2002 Ford Ranger.  its my daily,...i love it. hopefully in the near future it will be getting a body drop,..and a new back-half.  I  plan on doing interior and engine work after the suspension is completed. Big thanks to all my club members in IV Ever Low Arizona chapter for all their help. Thanks to James Cummins for his help especially,..fixing problems with the the truck and being a good friend. Thanks to Uncle Fester for living down the road from me and supplying the paint used to paint my interior plus letting me hangout his museum of classic mini's! and thanks to Mini-Truckin' for being the best magazine out there!

Comments On Mikedag602's Ranger

dropped7 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 01/28/12
Posted: 01/28/12 05:59 PM

Donkey87 | New User
Posts: 13 | Joined 05/18/11
Posted: 01/11/12 12:47 PM

Clean ride your lucky to have help like that.
Mikedag602 | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 12/17/11
Posted: 12/30/11 08:05 PM

ya no kidding dave Wink  thanks for the rating on my truck Smile is that picture ur new project?  i saw it at Severed show was pretty cool looking.
painterdave | New User
Posts: 5 | Joined 12/21/11
Posted: 12/29/11 10:01 PM

hey mike small world Laugh

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