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1998 Chevrolet S10 - lilroot8718

1998 Chevrolet S10 Found Some Of My Old S10 Center
Owner:   lilroot8718
Year: 1998
Make: Chevrolet
Model: S10
Est.Horsepower: 0
Page Views: 996
Comments: 2 Comments
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Suspension: Bagged
Paint/Body: black and green paint custom welded tailgate frenched plate billet insert grill etc...
Interior/Electronics: pioneer cd player single 12" memphis with powerbass amp
Wheels/Tires: custom painted 14s and twentys
Engine: 2.2l

About my S10

*****Put my 20s back on last weekend and I'll be damned if one of my center caps didnt fly off somewhere. I must have tightened the screw too much and cracked it cause the bolts still in it but caps gone SSSOOOOOOOOO, if someone would like to donate me one maybe, they are daat d62 caps for a 20 or I will consider trading them for a Real nice set of black and chrome 18s or 20s but im not one to be missing a center cap man thats not me lol Holler!!******

Been trying to build my own bagged s10 for four years and never could get up the right money or right project but finally tripped up on a deal/ I bought a 400$ 97 monte carlo with a blown head gasket and fixed it set it out for sale and some fool traded me an 84 corvette for it. ran and drove only had a p.s. leak and i traded it for an 83 jimmy with a 350 and turbo 350 tranny with bumpstick and traded it it and my daily driver lowered 96 s10 for this beauty. ive worked on it everyday since i got it customizing.

Comments On lilroot8718's S10

5569 | Administrator
Posts: 7613 | Joined 08/10/06
Posted: 01/05/12 12:46 PM

cool! keep it up!
slammed2001 | User
Posts: 127 | Joined 08/26/10
Posted: 01/03/12 05:11 PM

Ooo Dammmmmm!!!! sweet deal brooooo.. Grin

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