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2001 GMC Sonoma - 1low4x4


About my Sonoma

2001 GMC Sonoma crew cab 4x4 dropped 4/5.5, as of now 4x4 is still functional, it's a year around Dailey driver, and frequently travels snowy canyon roads in Utah, it tackles the slick snowpack as well, if not better then most 4x4s. ( lifted jeep guys hate me Smile ) I've been working on it slowly for about 6 months, below is what I've gotten done so far!

So far mods: poly motor mounts, transmission mount, front sway bar bushings and end links, added a much needed away bar in back, with poly bushings as well, built a T-case spacer for pinion angle reasons, 3" suspension source leafs, 2" JTR blocks setbacks and shims, DJM front drop shocks, rear monroe air shocks,SS mirrors, Gaylord Tonneau, xtreme roll pan, 18 x 8 Kmc rockstars (car version) 245/35R18 rubbers, 1.25" rear spacers, k&n intake, ENVOY HID headlights and Jimmy Headlights (I swap between the two), Envoy front bumper, 3000k Fogs, T-REX upper and lower billet grilles, 6000k hids, cowl hood, 30% tint, bravada DD dash bezel, pioneer 7" DD deck, infinity plates, rockford components, Kenwood excelon 400RMS amp, escalade gauge needles, Optima battery relocated to the bed, all wiring upgraded, floor shift conversion, bravada center console,Im missing some I know....  much much more to come!

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