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2006 Chevrolet Colorado - Slamcolorado06

2006 Chevrolet Colorado 1
Owner:   Slamcolorado06
Year: 2006
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Colorado
Est.Horsepower: 0
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Suspension: 3" lowering strut springs, 4" lowering blocks
Paint/Body: Factory white with vinyl tribal flame graphics
Interior/Electronics: interior pieces painted white, stock stereo
Wheels/Tires: stock rims, 195/60/15 wheels
Engine: stock 4cyl.

About my Colorado

My ride is a lowered chevy colorado. I lowerded 3" in the front and 4" in the rear. The front grill is a carbon fiber/chrome grill, interior has some painting on the interior(white). there is a flush mounted tonnue cover over the bed. I installed carbon fiber clear taillight lens in the rear. It has the stock 4cyl engine with a 5 speed manual transmission. It has the factory steel wheels on it with small tires mounted on them. The paint is the stock white with Tribal flame vinyl graphics on the sides.

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