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1986 Chevrolet S10 - DragStarKustoms


1986 Chevrolet S10 1
Owner:   DragStarKustoms
Year: 1986
Make: Chevrolet
Model: S10
Est.Horsepower: 0
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Suspension: Djm Drop spindles, Re7 bags in front 2600 bags in rear, 4 link.
Paint/Body: Satin black with red scallops, shaved sealed tailgate, shaved handles, fenders, bed sides stretched and widened, caddy tails
Interior/Electronics: sony head unit, RF 12" sub, RF component sets, 1500w RF amp, Dyed dash, fur and painted panels, digital dash, bravada console
Wheels/Tires: 20" Boss Black wt polished lip 245/35/r20 tires
Engine: 1995 Blazer 4.3 Z motor and 4L60E Trans

About my S10

This is my Dime, It started as a 1986 GMC Sanoma given to me by a friend for free. The truck was a 12 year resident at a local junk yard and was rusted out with rats paying rent to live in it. The truck sat an year waiting on me to drop the EuroSport bug. Once I did it was a non stop road to this point and im not done yet. After tossing the 2.8 v6 for the 95 z 4.3 v6 and computer controlled transmission the 1st phase of this truck was the body and a static drop, I shaved everything and did the caddy tails, swapped the grill out for a late model, slammed the truck then i met my new family Definate Obsessions and the bag bug bit. My friends hooked me up with a front set up for phase two. I went on to grow with bigger bags for the front, spindles, and custom lowers to put the front on the ground. The rear soon followed with a KP 4 link bag on bar setup. New 10 gallon red air tank and a Oaisis compressor to handel the playtime, with 10 switches this dime has all the right moves. The interior was soon to follw due to the fact it was mostly damaged or missing. After finding all the replacement stock pieces the parts was painted and covered in cheata and blood red to match the outside perfectly. The dash was dyed silver, later a custom dash will be made. Digital instrumentation updates the drab consol, and a late model Bravada overhead consol was recovered to match the rest of the interior. The end result was a sexy mix of color and print that hylight what this truck is all about. It is a rat rod daily driver and drives coast to coast rain or shine and is the rolling business card for DragStar Kustoms KC Mo and Plans in the very near future for this dime will be more body work, new fully done bed with raised floor, tubbed and custom rear lighting. Tilt bed, suicide doors, and satin red paint. Stay tuned!

Comments On DragStarKustoms's S10

DragStarKustoms | New User
Posts: 4 | Joined 01/14/12
Posted: 01/19/12 08:30 PM

Hey whats up lil guy ^^^^^^! I seen some on craigslist.
slammed2001 | User
Posts: 127 | Joined 08/26/10
Posted: 01/18/12 03:05 PM

Wink NICE BROOOOO!!!!!! Wink
defineteobsessions | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 01/10/12
Posted: 01/17/12 01:39 PM

do you know my dad will in the club. I'm his son do you know any s-10s for sell

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