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1987 Nissan Pickup - TikiHardbody87


About my Pickup

have had it 2 years now. little by little.

Comments On TikiHardbody87's Pickup

mini_mazdin | Enthusiast
Posts: 718 | Joined 10/31/07
Posted: 02/25/14 03:01 PM

its getting there dude, keep it up
z24mini | New User
Posts: 11 | Joined 12/23/09
Posted: 04/01/12 06:28 AM

rite on!! just wanted to say it looks killer and good luck with the rest of it. maybe i will see you at one of the shows down here this year.
TikiHardbody87 | New User
Posts: 5 | Joined 01/22/12
Posted: 03/24/12 10:02 AM

nope, live up in michigan. throwing a fuel cell in it right now and all new gauges. club goes down to ohio a few times a year for shows.
z24mini | New User
Posts: 11 | Joined 12/23/09
Posted: 03/07/12 03:14 PM

i havnt seen this truck in over two years. it sure looks better than when i had it. you done almost exactly what i was gona do to it. it looks good bro ! do you live near cincinnatti?

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