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2000 GMC Sonoma - gmcman283

2000 Gmc Sonoma After 2 3 Spindle Block Drop And
Owner:   gmcman283
Year: 2000
Make: GMC
Model: Sonoma
Est.Horsepower: 190
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Suspension: 2 in drop blocks soon to be 2-3 spindles & blocks
Paint/Body: derek barnhart fixes my dings, kevein brown's my detailer.
Interior/Electronics: pioneer,mb quart & memphis old school system
Wheels/Tires: 73 camaro rallys n rings
Engine: 4.3 stock v6

About my Sonoma

mostly stock, nothing really special but I have to drive it every day and I favor function & comfort over style any day..I'm lucky if I can afford to maintain my truck much less switch it up now & then so dont expect to see new wheels or paint every week, what you will see is me parked in the back row w/ my coleman a few beers & friends around me..

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