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1980 Datsun Pickup - joecool6972


1980 Datsun Pickup 1
Owner:   joecool6972
Year: 1980
Make: Datsun
Model: Pickup
Est.Horsepower: 100
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Suspension: Static drop by torsion bar adjustment, 3" blocks, remove 1 leaf.
Paint/Body: All by me. Some shaving, painted flat black
Interior/Electronics: Indian blanket style seat cover, 8 ball shift knob
Wheels/Tires: stock 14's painted gloss black
Engine: stock L20B 2.0 L four cylinder

About my Pickup

First I have to say I have been into the "minitruckin" scene since before I could drive, and I am 38 now. I used to have a slammed and chromed out 94 Hardbody I bought new and had until I sold it in 01 when I had grown tired of it. I bought a 01 Frontier crew cab and lifted that. Traded on a 97 Formula Firebird, traded that for a 2007 Ford Sport Trac, lifted on 20" rims, etc... Lost my job, sold it.

I just bought a 1980 Datsun 720 in July with 140,ish miles from a guy at work for $750. Runs good, looked a little rough. But I am fixing that...

My original thought with this truck was to just use it to haul stuff, and basically a beater... THAT DIDN'T LAST LONG! I can't drive a messed up looking ride! The previous three owners of this truck beat up and neglected it badly. Looked like it literally hadn't been cleaned in years, just kept it running, mostly by rigging something up.

I am calling the project "THE SHADOW" after the old radio show, comic books, and movies.

So I started off getting it lowered with 3" Torsion bar adjustment in front, 3" blocks, removal of overload leaf spring for the rear.

Then removal of rust. Then I decided to shave passenger mirror, ugly redneck handmade rear bumper, side moldings, side Datsun emblems, bed hooks, bed body lines. Then Bondo body filler... 2 quarts worth filling small rust holes, small mounting holes from strip molding down sides, mounting holes from pass. mirror, holes from Datsun fender emblems. Painted grille, driver mirror, stock wheels, and cab vents gloss black. Sanded down smooth, and primed/painted Matte black (temporary)

Later I cleaned the engine compartment, replaced the bungee cord with a proper battery hold down, put on an old school lace up steering wheel cover and seat console the wife bought me, cleaned the interior and sanded and painted some interior parts flat black. I also painted the ugly part of the door panel black.Also an 8 ball shift knob. Got an Indian style patterned seat cover at Walmart. Sticks out like a sore thumb, but I like it! Kinda reminds me of "Joseph's Technicolor Dreamcoat". (red, and yellow, and black, and blue, and green and...)

I also made a roll pan from scrap sheet metal to fill the big gaping hole in between the tail lights.

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joecool6972 | New User
Posts: 19 | Joined 08/17/11
Posted: 10/02/11 10:51 AM

Future plans are 17" gloss black painted Xterra/Frontier SC wheels with 225/45 tires; professional paintjob matte black with gloss black trim, and slam the fame to the pavement on bags.

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