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1991 Toyota Pickup - fleetoy


1991 Toyota Pickup Fleetoy
Owner:   fleetoy
Year: 1991
Make: Toyota
Model: Pickup
Est.Horsepower: 130
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Suspension: racing suspension
Paint/Body: 2 tone racing sripe
Interior/Electronics: custom roll bar, Rx7 seats, Simpson belts, custom cntr.consloe, Dshape racing wheel, gutted a/c + heater core, stereo=
Wheels/Tires: Bridgestone potenzas 225/45/17 Street Rebel wheels
Engine: 22RE cold air intake, racing clutch, LC eng.short shifter

About my Pickup

Ive had my truck for about 12yrs and have been rearended twice. Its now a salvage. I love the look of baged trucks. But I wanted my truck to handle like a race car. My buddy helped me cut the top and build the roll bar for a 12pak of beer. This is the first time ive ever done any body work. Fiber bondo is the *** We also put bearing shakle boxs, remounted the shocks and installed50/50 racing shocks, DJM control arms, Dick Cepek srearing stablizer. I gutted the heater core and a/c. The truck handles killer! I still need to finish the paint.

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