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1949 Ford Other Ford - AllAmericanFound

"1949 Hostes Cakes / Wonder Bread Delivery Truck"

1949 Ford Other Ford The Old Bucket
Owner:   AllAmericanFound
Year: 1949
Make: Ford
Model: Other Ford
Est.Horsepower: 1
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Suspension: S10 front frame clip and rear axle, 2600 bags all four corners, 2-link, and layin body just like all vehicles should.
Paint/Body: All aluminum body, will be painted back to stock white with the Hostess Cakes and Wonder Bread logos
Interior/Electronics: 1 seat and the sound of rattling aluminum
Wheels/Tires: will be stock looking 16's with big old balloon tires
Engine: s10 2.8 v6....ha ha it's all I have

About my Other Ford

Pulled it out of the woods of god's country in northern Missouri with a bulldozer. Drug it home and started cutting. Here is the build so far. BJ West's 49 Ford It is a back yard build not your " I own a shop with every tool in the world" Most parts are cut with a torch and ground by hand. Built on little to no budget. Most of my parts are from mini projects I did in the 90's... anyway here it is.

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