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1996 Toyota Tacoma - Bigworm92

1996 Toyota Tacoma My Tacoma
Owner:   Bigworm92
Year: 1996
Make: Toyota
Model: Tacoma
Est.Horsepower: 0
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Suspension: currently in the middle of bagging it
Paint/Body: flat white with nice subtle body mods.
Interior/Electronics: stock
Wheels/Tires: Voxx 16s
Engine: 2.4L

About my Tacoma

Long story short: I swore I wouldn't chop this truck up, but you know how we do it. This truck took me to work and back for 16 years before i decided to start work on it. I originally saved it after it had a front end collision. I got it for next to nothing. Well, after a long hard life, 315k miles, two times being rear ended and a divorce. I still had her and she was begging to be rebuilt. I static slammed the living crap out of it while I gathered air suspension components and rebuilt the body from so many years of being a work truck and collisions. I have shaved the typical stuff minus the handles. I hand built my own body kit and molded it in. The rear is smoothed and has a molded 2005 Camry bumper cover that's been chopped, sectioned and molded in. The bed sides were widened 2.5" and 2WD fenders flared 2". The grill and bumper are chrome '96 4x4. I have 16' voxx wheels on it for now and a garage full of suspension parts. Currently, I am tearing it down and bagging it.

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