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1987 Mazda B-2000 - Jason Capps


1987 Mazda B 2000 Fred Looking Rough
Owner:   Jason Capps
Year: 1987
Make: Mazda
Model: B-2000
Est.Horsepower: 0
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Suspension: Spindles, heated leafs frame to axle, static. LOL
Paint/Body: 4x4 sheet metal. Ragtop, Rough body, grant kustoms roll pan, shaved tailgate handle & taillights, clear corners, chrome grille.
Interior/Electronics: Stock buckets, old school clarion head unit. stock otherwise.
Wheels/Tires: Chevy Z71 - 17" wheels, 205, 40, 17 tires.
Engine: stock 4 banger

About my B-2000

5 years of slow work in progress, off and on due to my work schedule. My 9th minitruck build and last (maybe) Laugh . One day after its all said and done, I will be on the cover.  Smile   This truck has 80,000 original miles on it. The best $1,700 I've ever invested.  Smile I've been minitruckin since your first magazine. Keep up the fantastic work.

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