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1992 Mazda B-2200 - MellowYellow


About my B-2200

1992 Mazda B-2200 bagged with reverse four link setup. Shaved door handles. Side opening tailgate, caddy taillights, checkmate tonneau cover, centerline wheels 17x7, interior work bench seat redone with headrests removed, ps2  Smile Truck has stock motor bored out 50 over and bored out intake and header. Truck was paint and body by S&G Truck and Autobody in Ottawa Ontario Canada

Comments On MellowYellow's B-2200

mini_mazdin | Enthusiast
Posts: 718 | Joined 10/31/07
Posted: 07/16/13 03:08 PM

Nice and clean truck. I hope you have been putting some miles on her this year

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