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1985 GMC S15 Jimmy - jf_brinkleyiii

"Built not bought"

1985 Gmc S15 Jimmy Body Work Done And Primed
Owner:   jf_brinkleyiii
Year: 1985
Make: GMC
Model: S15 Jimmy
Est.Horsepower: 350
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Suspension: 2-4 drop
Paint/Body: PPG Global
Engine: 4 bolt 350

About my S15 Jimmy

I bought it about 5 years ago with the intentions of cleaning it up slapping a paintjob on it and throwing a big stereo in it. This project has changed direction at least 10 times. I have a fresh 4 bolt 350 out of a Chevelle with a Gilmer belt drive and a 280 amp alternator, powder coated the valve covers and intake. I deleted the a/c (laziness) and flushed the firewall. This has slowly become a full blown frame off resto, not what I intended, but where do you stop!?!? I work in a body shop, so the body is straight as hell and in primer, I just decided last week on colors. I have new everything for this thing.

Body mounts and hardware
Pins and bushings
Every piece you can buy for the doors
Wiring harness
Steering column
Every suspension bushing, ball joint, tie rod and end links
2" drop spindles
2" drop springs
New shocks all around
Brake and fuel lines
Every gasket and weatherstrip
New American Auto Wire, wiring harness
Literally, if you can buy it, it's new.

I had the frame, control arms, sway bar, motor mounts and fuel tank straps powder coated.

I have 4 JL 12w6v2's and 2 JL 1000/1's, undecided on the rest of the audio at this point.

I built my own fiberglass dash off of the factory one. Went with 3 layers of buzzmat, (cheap dynamat) on the roof and 1 layer on the floor, doors, and firewall.

The seats will be back wed or thurs, cavalier seats reupholstered without the headrests, black vinyl and blue suede.

I'll post more pics in the next couple days as things are coming together.

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