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1999 GMC Sonoma - gremlintukn22s


1999 Gmc Sonoma Sexy
Owner:   gremlintukn22s
Year: 1999
Make: GMC
Model: Sonoma
Est.Horsepower: 0
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Suspension: Air Ride
Paint/Body: Extended Cab Long Bed
Interior/Electronics: Coming This Year!
Wheels/Tires: 22" Craigslist Specials with Spinners
Engine: 4.3 Vortec

About my Sonoma

Its a 99 Noma with low miles, thing was a piece when I got it. Cut the frame in half and did a long bed swap with a bunch of new parts.....
Longbed Frame, boxed, and all custom from cab back
2 OB2 Compressors
2500s up front, 2600s out back
8 1/2 SMC Valves
9 Gal Tank
2 dr Blazer 22 Gal gas tank inbetween frame rails
22" Rims off Craigslist with some Spinners
6 Linked with reverse threads for easy adjustability
Old School Switchbox

This yr will be some audio video work with 3-12s, 12" flipdown, Orignal NES, flipout DVD player, new indash speakers, and Hifonics amp all goin in. Swapping out the blazer tank for a custom aluminum fuel cell and adding some shocks to the back. Monies Pending, I will get the front end layed out. Im sure im forgetting a bunch of stuff but if you want to know more just ask!

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